Great PE Lesson Today!

Well done to Year Six on working very hard over the last couple of weeks (and beyond). This week ended with a fantastic PE lesson: we began with a communication and collaboration activity which required a lot of compromising, discussion and problem solving. Following this, each Year Six student joined up with a Year Three student and they coached them in three areas: hammer-throw, standing long jump and speed bounce.

Here is a Sway that shows some good pictures from the afternoon.

Well done to all of the Year Six students – some great skills on display. Definitely some coaches of the future out there this afternoon! Great to see:

  • Effective feedback being given.
  • Modelling by students.
  • Praise given where necessary.
  • Comfort for those who were struggling.

Due to all of this, the Year Three students had a great time and all of them improved one way or another! A big thank you to the Year Three students for listening so well and being engaged from start to finish.


Mr Prosser

#NPATEK Frozen Spires “Sways”

Last week the pupils of both Mandela and Churchill classes created some wonderful Sways about specific countries in Africa – worth a look! We will collate these into a specific place so that you look through all of them.

This week the students are focusing on our realm, the Frozen Spires, and again, through Microsoft Sway, will showcase all of the vibrant and wonderful things that go on in this realm.

See the comments to learn all about the Frozen Spires…

#NPATEK Learn About Africa “Sways”

Year 6 are currently beginning a new topic: The Enchanted Kingdom. This magical kingdom is the continent of Africa. By the end of the week there will be at least 22 different countries in Africa explored, shown and celebrated through Microsoft Sway.

If you look at the comments you should find links to “Sways” created by the children of Mandela class looking at the following countries:

  • Chad
  • Nigeria
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Madagascar
  • Angola
  • Tanzania
  • Malawi

Hopefully you will see such beautiful and interesting landscapes like this!


Brilliant Rainforest Work

Sadly, we don’t have enough display boards in our classrooms to put every presentation piece of work up! Therefore, I have created a virtual display using Microsoft Sway. It has everyone’s work on it and a couple of bits to show how we got there.

Well done to the whole of Mandela class – great effort and sense of pride.