Start to the Tag-Rugby Season

Today 11 individuals from Y5 and Y6 represented SdS at the David Rose tournament at Franklin’s Gardens.

For many this was their first competitive match of tag-rugby and some hadn’t really played it before.

Considering all of this, they went out and played their socks off! Although we won two games and lost four, the team showed great determination throughout the afternoon; the team-spirit was extremely high; they evaluated their performances and made every minute count.

At the end of the day, we sat around and evaluated the tournament. The quality of positive praise and critiquing was great. We have a lot to work with and I can see great things happening!


Discussing the defensive line… Worked with water bottles!

Therefore, I am extremely excited about this year for tag-rugby! IMG_2333 IMG_2338 IMG_2319 IMG_2320 IMG_2322 IMG_2323 IMG_2325 IMG_2326 IMG_2329

Tag-Rugby Success

This week I (Mr Prosser) had a very sad thought. Today was going to be the last time our current team would play together. As well as this, it could be the last time some of the team play rugby full-stop. However, hopefully the whole team will pursue their rugby playing…

After a very tough group with Lyncrest, Earl Spencer and Boothville, two of the teams drew on the same points score (SdS and Boothville). Through our points difference being higher, we went through as the group winners!

In the semi-finals we faced Weston Favell. After taking an early lead, the game evened itself out and ended 4-4. We went to extra-time… Try to us, try to them. The referee ordered “golden try”; we pushed on and squeezed a try to take us through to the grand final.

In the final we met Lings. After taking the lead 1-0, Lings quickly turned it around with some brilliant running play to 1-3. None of team looked dismayed by this and dug in their heels and pushed on to get the game back to 3-3. We very narrowly missed out on winning it 4-3 – very unlucky! We decided it would be fairest if Lings and Simon de Senlis took a share of the final prize. What I loved about this was that none of the children complained – they agreed it was the best decision!

Well done to the whole rugby team; you have played superbly all year! This afternoon in particular.

I do, in all honesty, hope that each of you continue playing rugby when you reach secondary school and beyond – either for your school or for a local club.

Well done to the team! All of you persevered, pushed, tackled and just quite frankly gave it your all!

Tag-rugbyTag-rugby shield

Also, thank you to all the parents who came to support the team. Simon de Senlis always bring great support! Great that you all get to witness your children being awesome.

Tag-Rugby County Finals 26/02/15

Yesterday we went to Kettering Rugby Club and played against the teams who had won their leagues (we won ours in November, at the Duston School).

Even though the weather was atrocious and running was a rather tricky task, the entire team played their socks off and worked extremely hard.

The second game was very different. Within a minute we were two tries up; we were playing the Simon de Senlis way! We continued to play superbly and went on to win 8-1! Winning 8-1 at a county-level final competition is extremely rare.

Our third game was again, a very tough one. The weather was still getting worse and the pitch was on the brink of collapse! Thomas slipped, slid and dived heroically to the fall, holding onto the ball still. A strange moment. The game was a true battle; we went on to win 2-1, it couldn’t have been any closer!

The weather by this stage was at its worst. Even seeing proved tricky at this point as the rain poured relentlessly. A game of ping-pong more than rugby; we scored, they scored. It continued in this fashion until ending at 4-4.

Next came lunch. We were uncertain at this point about our place within our group – definitely in the top 3 we had deduced… It turns out we came 2nd! We had to play Havelock Juniors for the 3rd place play-off.

This game was extremely hard, we took the lead early on but sadly could not keep up with the pace of the game. After a very tight first half of the game they took control of it and Havelock Juniors went on to win 5-2. The score definitely not a true reflection upon our performance within this game.

At this stage we could have gone home, however we elected to stay and congratulate those who had won, come 2nd and 3rd. Again, definitely the Simon de Senlis way! With over 230 teams entering the tournament from Northamptonshire, we came 4th out of all of them… Extremely good and all down to your hard work and determination!

Below are a couple of pictures of the team, and our score sheets (you can see how muddy it was).

A big well done and thank you to all those who participated – you were awesome. You demonstrated great sportsmanship, great skill and definitely a great desire. I do hope you all pursue rugby after your time at Simon de Senlis.

IMG_0296 IMG_0295 IMG_0293

Next Friday (6th March), we have a new tournament at Delapre Primary School. I can’t wait!