Brilliant Rainforest Work

Sadly, we don’t have enough display boards in our classrooms to put every presentation piece of work up! Therefore, I have created a virtual display using Microsoft Sway. It has everyone’s work on it and a couple of bits to show how we got there.

Well done to the whole of Mandela class – great effort and sense of pride.




The man with the rucksack…

So, we have decided who owned the rucksack but we have no idea here he went missing. You now must report: who has gone missing? Remember, it’s a newspaper report, journalistic writing, not story writing.

Remember all of the features that we have been using over the past two weeks when looking at newspapers. Such as: catchy headline, orientation, direct/reported speech to aid the report and the reorientation.

The Rainforest

Our new topic in year 6 is the Rainforest. It’s going to be brilliant!

We have an exciting term ahead; we will be learning lots of new things and have Dave, the Rainforest expert, coming in for a fantastic active day.

As we began our new topic, a random rucksack appeared in our corridor… Mrs Rosevear and Mr Prosser had no idea where it came from. However, it turns out Mrs de Board found it on her Christmas travels to the Amazon Rainforest as preparation for our new topic! Who do you think it belongs to? What does it contain? What are all of the items used for? What does it tell you about the Amazon Rainforest?

It would be great if you could solve the mystery!


photo of rucksack